Monday, December 5, 2016

Regulars are one of my favorite things about working in fast food. They come in often and though I don't know them personally it is always nice to talk to them. The people at my work all have a Regular that they like, even though we don't know their names we do remember what they order each time. One older gentleman comes in every other weekend and I know his order by now. It's the same chicken with BBQ each time and each time he likes to talk about his kids and grand kids.

Another older couple only comes in once or twice a month and though they don't talk much I still know their order and how they like their fries extra crispy.

A group of church ladies come in once every month on the weekend after church. They all get no salted fries and usually sit and talk for hours and hours.

Even if it's for a few minutes of talking before I go back to work it's really nice to be able to talk to them. They make the job better and often times I have gone back a little late from break because I lost track of time talking with them.

Monday, November 28, 2016

There's certain things we do at work to make the experience of eating there better such as taking out the trash often, wiping down tables often, replacing ketchup and mustard often. We don't try to purposely bug the customer but some of the tables are sitting near the trash cans by the doors and we take out the trash as often as we can so they don't overflow. I can see the look of annoyance on their faces but would you rather have me change the trash liners or sit next to a stinky trash can?

And speaking of the trash cans...

Our fast food place has four trash cans by the front door, two outside and two inside. We also have one under the counter where you get your drinks/lids and also one by the side door. That's six trash cans you can throw your trash in. Don't leave it all on the table. The workers aren't sure if the customer went to the bathroom or to buy something else and we don't want to throw away your drink if you still want it.

Another trash can peeve of mine is when people only throw trash away in one location. It's usually the right side by the front door and it'll be overflowing after the lunch rush (which usually lasts an hour or two). Yet people still put their leftovers in that one. Why not walk three feet to the lonely trash can that's empty?

Next week: Regulars (aka the people who come in every week)

Sunday, November 20, 2016

The first time I had a bad experience with a customer was shortly after I began to work. It was a hot day, it was summer, and a lot of people wanted our products. It was my first time doing drive thru and with a nonstop flow of customers it was really scary for someone who was inexperienced with that position. Not to mention, I'm an incredibly shy person. I was super nervous but I had a great manager to help me. Even when there was a couple back ups from front and drive she kept calm and helped me through it. Although she couldn't help the things people said.

 I'll never forget it, it was about an hour into my shift and this older couple pulled up to the window. Their demeanor was different than other customer's. Long story short, they were quite rude to my manager and I on how we looked that day. It put a damper on my day nor was it a good first drive thru experience.

Despite them being rude, there is also a good story from just a couple months ago. Right before school started I worked a couple nights and I was stressing about senior year and a few other things. It was a quiet day, the dinner rush wouldn't be there for another hour or two, and I was preparing the lobby by wiping down tables, sweeping, and cleaning windows. The only customers was a mom and her kid and an older couple. The little old lady turned to me out of the blue and said she really loved my hair. While we waited for the food to be made we talked about all the things one could do with long hair, she told me a couple stories from her teen years and how she had long hair like mine. It was a small compliment but it made my night much more enjoyable.

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Beginning of the Peeves

Many high schoolers have some sort of job and while it gives them money it also gives them important life skills and sometimes a headache. When first entering a job you're still a young, probably innocent, fourteen/fifteen year old and it's a real shock how the real world works. I have been at my job, a fast food place, for two years now and the real world is still giving me a surprise. Our customers come in all shapes and sizes, many of them are nice but there's always a few who are beyond rude.

I work so I can make money for college while also going to school. Sometimes things feel like they're piling up, homework, sports, and work. I could be having a great day at school then go to work and have a customer with a rude remark put a damper in my sunshine filled day. Or I could be having a rough day at school and have the nicest comment from a customer that clears the cloudy skies.

While the majority of customers are nice and understanding of why we may take a while to make their food, there's always the not-so-nice customers who may not have worked in fast food and want their food immediately after they order it. Obviously there's some problems there, we have to follow the rules of food safety, so yes it may take a while but only because we're trying to keep the customers safe from foodborne illnesses.

This blog will be about the pros and cons, good and bad, hilarious and shocking things that happen in the fast food business.